NEW 20 Team Dynasty Start Up, 20$ Entry Fee, H2H, Minor Roster, Standard Rosters, Fantrax Premium Features included

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- 20$ League Entry

- A security deposit is required of 10$ due by August 1st of every season to minimize team turnover in the offseason, in the event that we do lose a team, a new owner will have their 1st season paid for

- Payout Prizes to 1st, 2nd, Division Winners

- 20 Team Dynasty Start Up on Fantrax 

- Fantrax Premium features payed for by me

- Scoring - Head to Head scoring categories 

- Batting - AVG, OBS+SL, SB, HR, R, RBI

- Pitching - W, ERA, WHIP, K, Holds, Saves

- Daily roster lineup changes

- Batting - C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3OF, U

- Pitching - 5P (5 of any SP or RP)

- 3 Disabled List Spots

- Minor League - 30 (MAX)

- 8 Bench Spots

- Inaugural Draft - March 17th 

- Rookie Draft - Every June

- Free Agency Draft - Every March before each season

- ALL league decisions will be voted on my all members and any advice or suggesetions are strongly considered from everyone!  this is our league together and I promise to use everyone's input to make this league how WE want it!




I have over 11 years of Fantasy Baseball Dynasty experience as a Commissioner of all Fantasy Sports

email me at for any and all questions!

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Doesn't using K's as a cat encourage endless streaming vs drafting quality pitching?  Are you open to using K/9 instead?


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Skor, great point you are only allowed 3 Waiver Wire transactions per week to limit streaming for categories.  I have used this limit and it works great!  also, you have to log 25 innings pitched to not allow someone to pitch 1 inning per week which helps them lower there pitching categories like ERA and WHIP unfairly.  In the end this results in teams usually using 4 to 7 SP's per week and 4 to 5 different RP's per week which imitates a real life MLB roster.

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Bush League Fantasy Baseball League Constitution

Welcome Everyone, thank you so much for becoming an Official Member of the Bush League Fantasy Baseball League provided by FANTRAX Fantasy Sports.  First of an Most Importantly, this Fantasy Baseball Dynasty League is OUR League together and I want everyone to fully understand that I promise to uphold the integrity of the League and consider everyone’s inputs, suggestions, questions etc..

Everything will be fully clear and if a suggestion or change is requested than a Vote will be conducted to determine if a change will be implemented for the following season.  A Change of any setting will require 15 of the 20 Teams voting in favor of a change in order for it to be implemented next season.

Fantasy Baseball is a serious hobby of mine, for the sake of the league and the sake of every committed member please be active, considerate, respectful of everyone in the league.  Fee free to use any communication tool to voice opinions, support, suggestions, or questions at any given time.

Participating and being active daily is not only requested but required.  All trades need to be answered with in a timely manner, lineups must be set correctly daily, players need to be sent and removed from the IR spots, lineups must be legal, please be active and participate with good intentions.  Collusion of any form will not be tolerated and dealt with swiftly and fairly for the integrity of all the members.

I appreciate everyone’s support and participation, I am looking forward to meeting everyone but most importantly I am looking forward to having Fun. 

Please Note: This Constitution will be a “Fluid” and “Dynamic” Document where any changes that are implemented or executed will be placed under the Amendments Page at the end of this Document.


Scoring System

-      Head to Head Each Scoring Category

-      6 X 6 H2H Categories

o   6 Batting Categories

§  AVG

§  HR

§  OPS

§  R

§  RBI

§  SB

o   6 Pitching Categories

§  ERA

§  HLD

§  K

§  SV


§  W

o   NOTE: Pitching categories require a minimum of 25 innings pitched to qualify for ERA, WHIP for the Weekly Scoring Categories.

-      Scoring Period Interval is Weekly (Monday – Sunday)



Teams and Schedules

-      20 Teams

-      4 Divisions (AL South, AL North, NL South, NL North)

-      10 Teams qualify for the Playoffs


-      AL and NL Rosters including Minor League Players

-      14 Active Positions

o   1 Catcher

o   1 First Base

o   1 2nd Base

o   1 Short Stop

o   1 3rd Base

o   3 Outfielders

o   1 Utility Position (An Hitting Position Player is eligible)

o   5 Pitcher Positions (You can use any amount of Starting Pitchers or Relief Pitchers Totaling 5)

-      10 Bench Positions

-      30 Minor League Positions

-      5 Injured Reserve Positions (IR players do NOT count towards Roster Limit)


Transactions and Periods

-      Lineup/Transactions are executed Daily

-      Lineups are locked 1 second before the start of the individual players game

-      No Maximum trades per team

-      2 Days to Vote on an Accepted Trade requiring 6 objections to VETO the trade

-      Trade Deadline is August 1st

-      Draft Pick Trading is enabled for 1 Future season only (for example if the current season is 2019 than a team may not trade for a draft pick past the 2020 season.

o   NOTE: Trading star players for future draft picks will help teams take a gamble on this season and help teams prepare for next season that want to add draft picks and build for next season.  A team may trade future Draft Pick for the following season only.

-      3 Maximum number of waiver wire/free agent claims per week

-      NO maximum number of waiver wire/free agent claims per season

-      Waiver wire claim system: Automated Priority Order

-      Rotate waiver wire claim order after each claim is enabled

Salaries and Contracts

-      NO Salaries and Contracts however if everyone is open or wants to enable this in the future I have no objection, if people want to enable this for the future we will have a vote on it and will require the vast majority of owners approval and support.


-      Live Online Standard 5 Minutes per Pick

-      The 2019 Entry Draft Order will be Random

-      Snake Serpentine Draft Order

-      30 Minor League Players must be drafted

Fees and Prizes

-      $20.00 Entry Fee

-      1st Place – $240.00

-      2nd Place - $80.00

-      AL North Winner - $20.00

-      AL South Winner - $20.00

-      NL North Winner - $20.00

-      NL South Winner - $20.00

-      A $10.00 Deposit is required to be paid by August 1st for the following season, if the $10.00 Deposit is not paid by the end of the Season than your team will be removed from the League and replaced with a new owner in the off-season.



-      Dynasty Keeper League Format

-      NO players can be added/claimed during the OFF-SEASON which officially starts after the completion of Playoff Week 5 or the Championship Round

-      A Free Agency Draft will be conducted in the OFF-SEASON in March

-      The following seasons Draft Order will be based on the previous season’s final standings where the worst team drafts 1st

-      Please be active and set your lineup daily, respond to emails, respond to trades, be active in free agency.

If a team becomes inactive for more than a month straight, than the team may be potential replaced in that same season to protect the integrity of the League.


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We use the fantrax treasure which work exactly like leaguesafe let me know if you have any other questions!



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