Help with contracts in Auction Keeper....WHIR

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12 Team H2H Mixed League - Auction Keeper
$300 Cap - 6x6 (OPS/HLD)


I have a few players that i'm going back and forth on.   The quantity i get of each contract length is below followed by my roster...i'm only deciding the "Re-Sign" guys as the rest are locked into contracts which count towards the total below.  

Here are the guys I'm struggling a bit with:

JD Martinez - Should I  slap 5 years on him at $12 or maybe go 4?  I don't have any 3 years left.  He would jump at $18 to re-sign once the next contract ends.

Adalberto Mondesi - $11 -  My   gut tells  me to do  5 years as he would  jump  to  $17 to  re-sign after this contract.  If  he   flames out though, I have to  buy  out at 1/2 total contract value.  A bit risky?  Could   go 4  years?

Max Muncy  -  I  love Muncy.  It's an OPS  league and his positional flex is awesome.  He's at  $8   now  and would jump to $12 next contract.  I have him at a year to see if he is the real deal...not sure who i'd even pull a contract from to give to him to do longer.  I assume if he's worth $8 he'll  be worth $12  next year...especially  considering the values I have other guys at.

Blake Snell -  $12   5 years for an arm is scary but  that's what i have now.  He'd jump to $18 next contract.  Wondering if i should hedge my bets a bit here but 4 is the only other option.  

Nolan Gorman, Drew Waters and Jazz Chisholm - Tough spec contracts here as they are already at $9 for Gorman and $6 each for Waters/Jazz and would jump to $9 next contract and haven't really proven at higher levels yet.  I have Gorman tabbed for 4 years as my fave at 4 years, leaving nothing for Waters and Jazz but one  year deals.   


Any other suggestions welcome....this is my toughest year for decision making  it seems.  I  don't mind one  year deals on guys  $5  and under as re-sign doesn't bump them up too high...but the more expensive guys if i don't get some years they jump pretty  high.  




5 years - 3
4 years - 4
3 years - 5
2 years - 6
1 year - Unlimited



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