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auction survivor drafting next weekend needs more owners

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link to the league -

This is the auction draft version of this league. From the creator of NFL Points Survivor, NBA Ultimate Roto, and NBA Roto Survivor - MLB Ultimate Roto is back for another season. Please read the rules below. If you think you have what it takes to win and the unique format interests you, then PM me or leave your email address on here and I will send you an invite. The draft date/time will be decided by a league majority vote once the league is full. More than likely it will be on an evening on a weekend or two before the regular season begins. Thank you!


MLB Ultimate Roto Rules
20 Teams, 26 Weeks, 30 categories, Only 1 Winner

The rules are simple, there are 26 weeks in the MLB Season. At the conclusion of Week 8 (Monday morning May 27th, 2019), the lowest ranked owner out of our 20 will be ELIMINATED and his players all placed on waivers. At the end of week 9, the next lowest ranked owner in our standings will be removed from the league and his players put on waivers, and so on. This will continue until there are only 4 teams left at the start of week 25. This will leave 2 weeks at the end of the season to determine the winner. Obviously this cannot be a keeper league since players will be removed.

If I am eliminated I will place my whole team on waivers and continue running the league as a host only. You need to prioritize your waiver list each week from best player to least player that you want because after each pickup you will drop to the bottom of the waiver order. In the event of a tiebreaker, the owner with the least amount of games played will be eliminated. If an owner becomes inactive, he will either be replaced or the next team eliminated from the league.

The waiver order is ordered 1-20 by the worst team from last season to the best place team. Any new owners/teams will be ordered after the returning owners from last season.

*Important Note* - Noone will be eliminated after Week 15 (July 8th-14th) as this is the week of the all-star festivities.

Good Luck & be smart about who you pickup off of waivers because your waiver order will be very important in this league!

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