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Fantasy Golf League-$30-3 spots left

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Best Ball Fantasy Golf


Host: Fantrax


Cost: $30



Ten teams draft eight golfers for the season.  The season starts with the Master’s on April 11th and ends with the conclusion of The Open on July 19th.  Of your eight golfers, only the top four will count towards your team’s score for each tournament.



Albatross: 6 pts.

Eagle: 4 pts.

Birdie: 2 pts.

Bogey: -1 pt.

Double Bogey: -2 pts.

Triple Bogey or Worse: -3 pts.

Tournament Win: 10 pts.

Missed Cut: -10 pts.


Ways to Win:

1) The Bushwood Cup Points Championship ---$50

At the conclusion of each tournament each team’s best scoring foursome will be ranked from 1st to 10th.  The team that finishes in 1st place gets 9 points. The team that finishes in 10th place gets 0 points (Mario Kart style scoring).  The league setup is head to head with you playing everyone each week. So at the end of each tournament you’ll get a record (9-0 through 0-9).  Each win counts as a point. I’ll try to delete losses as the season goes so you just see your points (wins) for the standings.The team with the most Bushwood Cup Points at the end of the season wins.


2) The NeverSlice Match Play Championship ---$50

At the start of the 3M Open on July 4th each team will be entered into a 10 team bracket seeded by the Bushwood Cup Points standings at the time.  The top 6 teams will get a bye into the quarterfinals (John Deere Classic) the following week. Each week you’ll face off against another team. The team with the best INDIVIDUAL PLAYER SCORE advances to the next round.  NOT FOURSOME SCORE. The championship round of the NeverSlice Match Play Championship will be at The Open starting on July 18th. This tournament will run simultaneously with the Bushwood Cup Championship. So you will have the same roster, but will be competing in two different contests.


3) Majors --- $50 Each

If your foursome is the top scoring foursome in a major (Master’s, PGA, US Open, British Open) you win $50.


Free Agents:

You submit claims for new players.  These claims are processed at 1AM each Tuesday with the lowest team in the standings (also lowest number of Bushwood Cup points) getting first priority.  After claims are processed then it is first come first serve until 5 minutes before the first tee of Thursday’s tournament.



Slow draft will start 24 hours after we’ve filled and paid for all ten spots.  Each owner will have 4 hours per pick. Draft order will be randomized once league is filled.


Contact if interested.

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