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The Man

Back from an 8 year haitus, thoughts on my keeper team?

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12 teams, 5x5 with OPS instead of BA. 

Ca:  Contreras $3 (keeper)

1B:  Abreu $14

2B:  Carpenter $17 (keeper)

3B:  Turner $13 (keeper)

SS:  Segura $19 (keeper)

MI:  Shaw $13 (keeper)

CI:  Myers $20

LF:  Rosario $19

CF:  Hamilton $5

RF:  Domingo Santana $6

UT:  Haniger $10 (keeper)

UT:  McCutchen $17

Bench includes no one useful but Ohtani.  Maybe Ji-Man Choi


SP:  Hendricks $11, Hill $10, Gray $6, Matz $6, Musgrove $6, Wood $4, Godley $2

RP:  Allen $11, Alvarado $15, Robertson $13, Herrera $3, Jimenez $4 (closers tend to go super expensive in our league for some reason)


I figured for the first time, I'd try to do the strategy where I spent a lot on hitters and closers, and scraping a pitching staff together on discounted SPs.  I also tried getting a well balanced team without any major holes or relying on any superstars 

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Your SP is atrocious. There's not a single guy on there that I like at their prices. 

Your hitting lacks any sort of star power. One of the most boring hitting squads I've seen. It lacks speed (I don't have ANY faith in Billy Hamilton), it lacks average, and I'm not sure it can compete with the better offenses in the league.

For saving moeny and balancing out, your closers are not that good either. You have a decent amount of them, but they are some of the worst closers you can get -- Jimenez, Herrera, Alvarado, Allen. 

Overall, I don't like it one bit. You went far too balanced on your hitting and I'm not sure what auction $$$ you had to begin with, but some of the prices were pretty rough everywhere as well.


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The league has keeps 8 minor leaguers a year, and when kept only cost $1 each year.  As a result there's massive auction inflation.  Probably about 35% higher than normal.  For instance, Betts, Trout, and Scherzer all went for over $60

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dear god, your pitching staff is simply brutal

and for a 12 team league, your offense is average to say the least


you have ZERO chance of winning this league with this current team

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