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Can't make it to NYC for a live auction redraft league? That's ok. 

I have an ONLINE AUCTION REDRAFT LEAGUE that has ONLY ONE more owner to reach a maximum number of 18 teams. Our online auction is scheduled for Thursday March 28th. 

Mainly New Yorkers, a few from Texas and one for Arizona. We need only one more. So frustrating. If you take a chance on this league you will be happy you did. Mostly middle aged family men. Join us. If you don't join us this season then trust me you'll see me posting again on Rotoworld again next year. 

The entry fee is $1000. It's a standard 5x5 auction redraft league, Roto, mixed leagues. 13 hitters, 9 pitchers and 5 reserves for a total of 27 players with a budget of $260. We use CBS for our stats provider/home page. Top 4 finishers cash. 100% payout minus site fee.

Top 4 spots $7350, $4500, $3500, $2500. This is based on an 18 team league minus the fee for CBS.

So if any of you who can't make it to NYC for a live auction, but would enjoy being a part of a big money league like mine, email me at edbuzz261@gmail.com or text me at 718 687 3251 for more information. 

I've been posting on rotoworld for over 12 years now and I've recruited many people off of this site. Everyone has enjoyed my leagues and no one has ever complained about my leagues. 

I also run online basketball and football leagues so keep that in mind for later this season. I'll be on the boards. So don't worry about losing my info. LOL.


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