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12 Team NL Auction Draft 5x5 April 6th online $200 league

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NL only Auction draft online

*** This is a redraft league not a keeper league. 

*$260 auction budget

5x5  Standard Rotisserie format   (HR's, RBI's, Runs, BA, SBs, - Wins, Saves, K's, ERA, Ratio

1100 Minimum innings  ** Making it important to maintain starting pitchers

1250 Maximum innings  * This helps curb streaming. 


Weekly Lineups  * Monday - Sunday Lineups

Daily Transactions ( Nightly waivers run)  

** Players must be held for one scoring period after being picked up.


Auction Drafting on  Fantrax

** Will use CBS if Fantrax is not able to accommodate daily free agent pick ups. 


Date : Saturday April 6th  12 Noon Eastern / 9 AM Pacific  online  

Stats count from day one of the season


Leaguesafe for all funds


League Fee will be $207 from all 12 teams ($7 dollars each covers the $80 fee for premium features on Fantrax)

$200 from each team goes into the prize pool.


100 Percent Payouts


1st Place 50%

2nd            25%

3rd             15%

4th             10 %


Weekly LIneup's 

** Nightly Waivers by FAAB   


2 Catchers

1  First Base

1 2nd Base

1 Shortstop

1 Thirdbase

1  1/3 eligible / Corner infielder

1  2/SS eligible / middle infielder

1 Utility Player

5 Outfielders

9 Pitchers   ** Teams must set lineups to be on pace to meet or exceed the minimum innings of 1100 for the season. ** this will be monitored  

4 Bench players drafted by snake draft following the completion of the auction draft

4 injured reserve spots for players that are injured after being drafted or after being picked up as free agents. **This is an anti stashing rule..


** Minor League players are eligible to be drafted at Auction or in the bench draft as well as to be picked up as free agents. They may be inserted into your lineup at any time provided that your lineup is legal.


*** Players traded from the NL to the AL are allowed to continue to be owned so nobody loses a player they paid for at the draft or picked up prior to a trade being announced.  Players traded from the NL to AL may not be picked up from the free agent pool after being traded to the AL. 

**** Players Traded from the AL to the NL are subject to FAAB waivers


Trades .  All trades must be of equal number of players from one team to another and each team must have legal starting lineups before and at the conclusion of any trade. No exceptions.  You can trade a Hitter for a pitcher as long as your lineups are legal. *We do have reserve/bench players that helps this work. ** Minor league players are eligible for the daily lineup or the bench. Trades should be for reasonable value without stretching the eye of the beholder idea. 


There can be no roster dumping of any kind or the moves will be overridden.  No player can be traded back and forth between the same two teams. No exception.  You can make only one trade with each team during each season. That trade can of course be for multiple players. The idea of the limit is to avoid collusion. Again, no exception.  Trade Deadline is August 10th.     


** Please email me or private message me with your interest and a description of your experience level.


Thank you!


either private message me or email  

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