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24 Team | H2H Fantrax | Dynasty | $55

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Starting the process early of building a strong  new 24 team h2h dynasty league that begins play in the 2019-20 season and many things to accomplish in the coming weeks/ months. This league will be hosted on Fantrax and feature 24 NHL team named franchises. There is no salary cap and no contracts. This is a keep-all players system, where teams re-load / re-build through trade or annual prospects drafts. We have a good mix of owners with some history of playing in a league together as I have about 9-10 guys joining from another league that I run. Potential owners are welcome to interact / email with owners to get feedback on the expectations of owners and also the type of league I run. We have a strong network of really good owners and look to continue in that same mold. We are seeking strong owners, good knowledge, good communication, good amount of interest and high engagement level year-round to join us in this 24 team endeavor. I will get down to the nitty gritty highlights and also a league doc is available. Send an email to:

CAN-AM Hockey Brigade Super 24
24 Team Dynasty
$55 per owner
Fantrax Treasury system
Mixed initial draft of pro and prospects - your own drafting strategy.
Random draft order
Slow draft

Daily Lineups
1G ( daily )
6 Bench
20 Minors / prospects

2 Conferences of 12 teams | Western & Eastern |
2 Divisions in each conference

12 Teams advance to playoffs with 4 Division champions earning 1st round byes.
Playoffs are 4 scoring periods with the Championship a 2 week match.

Bottom 12 teams go into a playoff consolation bracket of which winner earns 1st overall pick in prospect draft and runner-up earns 2nd overall pick. The other 10 teams fall in line based on end of regular season standings for draft pick placement.

All 24 teams play deep into season - whether in the league championship playoffs or the league consolation playoffs. Either way, there is a lot at stake to play for. All teams have something to gain.


$50x’s 24 Teams = $1,200 total paid out.


League Champion - $300 (1)
Division Champions - $200(4)
Runner-Up - $100 (1)

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