Musgrove, Escobar, A. Frazier for Severino

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Due to keeper rules and bad luck I entered the year with nearly 20% of my total salary tied up in Lance McCullers and Zack Godley. I went with the stars and scrubs approach to fill out my pitching staff with Verlander and a bunch of garbage. So obviously I need a shot in the arm to get my pitching staff competitive. 

The Severino owner approached me about acquiring Joe Musgrove (who probably is my second best pitcher) Eduardo Escobar (who is emegency 3b when Donaldson gets injured) and Adam Frazier (who is my backup 2B when Murphy gets injured). 

Should I get Severino and try to survive the month or so for a huge upgrade or is my team already too full of question marks to take another gamble on an injured pitcher?

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