Established ESPN H2H, Category League, 10 Teams - $20 LeagueSafe Entry

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ten year old, ten team, espn h2h / categories league with two forever keepers allowed... $20 entry fee with $150 going to winner, $50 to runner up. We use LeagueSafe to gather and distribute funds.

we also possess a trophy that gets shipped to the winner each season. (team with worst record in the league pays shipping costs)

we just recently drafted so you would be inheriting one of two teams... looking for two dedicated, daily league owners that love to compete. the add/drops each day are a lot, so there is a lot of daily activity.

our draft is not a snake draft. it is assigned based on previous season's record with teams closest to the playoffs earning higher draft picks. this assures for no tanking it down the stretch.

there is also a (semi) balanced schedule that results in a very intense final month of the season.


here is the league:


the teams you can choose from:

  • pearl jammers
  • highlanders




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I'm interested.  send invite to  will instructions for leaguesafe payment to you be forwarded?

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