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Playoff Pick 5


Host: Fantrax


Cost: $20



On Saturday, Apriil 13th you pick any 5 players that are currently in the NBA playoffs.  These players accumulate points for your team for an entire week. On Saturday, April 20th you select a brand new group of 5 players and they accumulate points for you for that week.  The process continues each Saturday for as long as the playoffs last. Your initial 5 players need to be picked by noon eastern on April 13th, then your new 5 need to be selected by 5 minutes before the tip of the first game each Saturday.  But you can only pick a player for one scoring period (week). Once you use a player, you cannot use them again for the rest of the playoffs. The team that has the highest score at the end of the playoffs wins. I’m going to cap the league at 20 owners.



Point scored: 1 pt.

Rebound: 1.5 pts.

Assist: 1.5 pts.

Steal: 2 pts

Block: 2 pts.



20 owners x $20 = $400


1st)  $180

2nd) $120

3rd) $60

4th) $40

Email k.ganton@yahoo.com if interested.

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