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In addition to running a $1K live auction fantasy hoops league with a live auction and also a $1K online fantasy hoops auction on Monday October 20th, I run a $300 fantasy hoops league for novices and for owners who don't have the stones to play for $1K. LOL


I have a $300 league this season with only 13 teams but I'd like to get it up to 17 teams next season. So I'm hoping to add 4 more teams. The date for this league is Sunday Morning October 20th, 2019. 


If any of you love fantasy basketball then I'm the guy you want to speak to.


My leagues are top notch. No b.s. Everything is legit.


If you want the rules, more information, email me at edbuzz261@gmail.com


or call/text me at 718 687 3251





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Sounds like fun. Too bad I live so far away. I live in Ohio. But I would do this........1000.00 is a bit much but 300.00 I would do.

I'll think about it. Might be a nice vacation...........I'm pretty sure I know just as much if not more than most of you guys...lol...

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you can forward me your email and I'll send you an invite via CBS sports.


You can post it here or text it to me, 718 687 3251 or email me at edbuzz261@gmail.com

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