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...when you guys dish out advise on minor leaguers...what information are you using?? 1st hand (actually watching them play)? 2nd hand (reporting from someone who watched them play)? third hand (reporting from someone reporting on the stats they put up with no actual "watching" of the player play)? just wondering...

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I read up on as many prospects as I can during my spare time. I'm in a few DMB sim leagues and prospects are a huge part of those.

I'll go to see a marquee prospect if they're in the area (I live in Connecticut), but for the most part my sources are:

Baseball America (I have a subscrption)

Baseball America Prospect Handbook

Baseball Prospectus (Also have a subscription there)

Those are my main three sources. I'll also scour around other not as well known sites when I'm looking for more info- off beat team blogs or something. Pretty much anything I can find that will tell me about a players "stuff".

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