Lamar Jackson 2019 Outlook

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Andrews and Ingram were banged up. Honestly neither guy should've played in the game. That first pick, Andrews usually goes up and catches that.

Ravens needed this type of game to happen in the past 3-4 games. They fell behind and panic city set in, mostly from coaches. 12 straight wins playing from ahead and not really being tested. Lamar's whole game script is controlling pace of game, milking clock, not forcing throws.

Receivers outside of Brown are just fringe NFLers. They need to sign a Robby Anderson and/or draft someone legit in the first or second round.

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Lamar did not get a lot of help, but he also did not make plays when they needed him to.

Ravens tried to run a couple of gimps out there (Andrews and Ingram) and they paid the price.

Also, Derrick Henry hit them in dey mouf.

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You kind of have to ignore that anti-Lamar crowd (especially next season) because they're not arguing with you in good faith and are more concerned about pushing a narrative about a player that they don't like and aren't really being honest and objective. 


Lamar didn't play that well Saturday. But really no one did outside of Hollywood Brown for Baltimore. It wasn't just Jackson. Lamar definitely missed some throws and a few reads that would've allowed big play opportunities but he had some sensational throws to boot and moved well in the pocket. Historically it doesn't bode well for teams if their QB throws the ball north of 50 times unless their QB is Tom Brady. The fumble was a BAD play. Take off or throw it away. The 2nd interception he left way too far inside. The 1st interception is a ball that was slightly high but it should've been caught. I think Andrews being on a bum ankle may have been why he didn't elevate and snag that. I think Lamar was doing too much on those 4th down plays too even though I don't really love either play call and think they should've just kicked the FG in the 3rd quarter to make it 14-9. 


The offensive line repeatedly made inexcusable mistakes in pass protection which is odd because I thought they had played well all season. If Lamar wasn't sacked he was rushed or had to bail from the pocket because they allowed pressure through the A gaps over and over again. You can't step into the pocket that way. Much less into your throws. Outside of Hollywood Baltimore's receivers and TEs played very poorly. It wasn't just the drops but it was the god awful route running which you can see on the all 22. Some of his throws that looked inaccurate he threw to the right spot (like on a seam route to Boyle where Jackson threw to the void in the zone), but the receiver ran such a horse crap route. Hayden Hurst not getting his head around on that seam and getting nailed with the ball was crushing. And Seth Roberts would've scored on that crossing route he dropped. 


Idk why Greg Roman abandoned the run game so early. Justice Hill, Ingram (who was hobbled), and Gus Edwards had 9 carries combined. Lamar had 20. That can't happen on top his 59 pass attempts. That's not their game. 


Lastly the defense was terrible at gap integrity and no one wanted to tackle Henry. Easily their worst game since acquiring Marcus Peters but I was never sold on Baltimore's front seven. They blitzed more than any team in the league and were one of the worst teams in the NFL at generating sacks. And allowing that play action bomb is inexcusable especially when that was a predictable play call. 


I think Lamar and the Ravens will be fine. Their offensive core is very young outside of Marshal Yanda and Mark Ingram and they should be getting Greg Roman back. They really need to expand their offense and spend some money at wide receiver and pass rusher. Nothing against Seth Roberts and Willie Snead but those aren't guys who beat defenders down field very often. I could easily see them going 12-4 next season and still winning their division but that'll depend on if Lamar will work as hard as he did last off season at improving his game. Has to get more comfortable throwing intermediate routes outside the numbers. Which I'm sure he will. He's still only 23. Not even close to his ceiling yet. 

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