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Please Help with my 10 team h2h team

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Hey guys, I need your help. I play in a 10 team league with a little strange format. We lost two teams so league captain decided do add more hitting spots to not make as many good players available.


We have 1 c , 1b, 2b, SS, 3b but also one 1 IF, 4 OF and two util spots. pitching we have 3 SP, 3 RP and 4 P spots. 6 bench spots. So the league is 10 team but might play more like a 12 team?

We have head to head categories:


W, L, SV, hld, era, whip, 25 min innings limit


Our league also starts next Monday because draft was yesterday due to a severe illness of a league member.


Here is my team:

c : realmuto

1B: miggy

2b: altuve

3b: Ramirez

SS: correa

OF: Puig, schwarber, nimmo, conforto 

Util: encarnacion,Robles

IF: senzel (probably up soon if healthy again after all those reds injuries)

Bench: Buxton,astudillo,dejong,kang

SP: nola, mikolas,  ray

RP: Chapman, Kimbrel (hope he signs next week), Iglesias

P: Pressley, givens, boyd, Lester

Bench: Reyes, Skaggs


Any tipps? I feel my IF and C is very strong but OF kinda weak. Pen is also strong especially if Kimbrel  comes back soon but SP kinda weak. Where would you make moves to improve without sacrificing too much of the strengths?




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I honestly think if you have any concerns with the Indians poor start and with how bad their lineup has looked, try to flip Ramirez and get back 2-3 strong pieces.  I think your team overall is good, but if you can still swap Ramirez and get full value back, it might be worth something to explore.


please help



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Pretty solid team. Hopefully NOLA wont have anymore of those games that he had today. If Mikolas & Ray get going, you should be okay. Good thing is you have players to trade, should you need SP. See how week 1 goes. Good luck!

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Hey guys, can you help me out a little again? I'm doing quite well currently leading my league but I feel there might be some regression and there are weaknesses in my roster.

Here is my current roster:

c : realmuto, astudillo

1b: Encarnacion, miggy

2b: altuve, mcneil, jose ramirez

3b: jose ramirez, Matt carpenter (hoping for turnaround)

Ss: de jong, correa

OF: puig, conforto, mcneil, schwarber, buxton, robles, verdugo

Util: ohtani

SP: nola, mikolas, bieber, ray, boyd

RP: givens, Chapman, pressley, kimbrel (still holding on), Britton, iglesias, rogers


I feel I have an over abundance in the IF (league has 2b, ss, 3b and If spot) and OF is not so great. Pen I feel is good, SP not great but Ok.

Would you sell high on one of the "overperformers" like de jong, McNeil or boyd? Or make another trade? Release schwarber or matt carpenter for a waiver pickup?

Since I'm leading my league by a bit I feel I can wait a little and dont need to sell low on some struggling guys but of course not everyone of them might turn it around.

Thanks, dominik

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