12 Team Dynasty Needs 1 (Fantrax)

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Hey guys, we have a 12 team dynasty league going into its 3rd season on fantrax. We had an owner quit randomly tonight and need to get this team filled ASAP. 


Ill be honest, this is a rebuild job. Team has some solid young pieces and nice prospects but not much else. If you are up for the challenge and want to rebuild a roster in an established and extremely active league then stop by our league discord (will post link at bottom of this) and have a chat with us. We can go over more scoring setting (H2H points) and show you the roster there. 


Look forward to meeting with you. 

Discord invite link:


just click that link and you’ll be in our chat. 

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Not intimidated, you let an owner ruin a team so badly that only 3 MLB players on its roster even belong on the roster (and 2 of those were relief pitchers) and the team has NO draft picks next draft.  Only a 3rd round draft pick the next year and only 1 draft pick the year after that.


By the way, I would not have commented on here at all had you not decided to call ME out for leaving - you never told me the team had no draft picks for three years until after I had joined.


I sat in the chat room and listened to owners laugh about what a fool the old owner was and how they all took advantage of him to rape his team until it ended up a dreadful mess.  Ironically this is the third time they have let that same owner back in after kicking him out for ruining teams.  There are three totally destroyed teams in the league from the same owner and the current owners brag about how they took advantage of that owner in horribly one sided trades.


They welcomed me by giving me details of the horrible trades that had destroyed the team I took over.  Told me that my owner gave up the number one overall pick the number 38 prospect and another valuable piece all for a prospect well outside the top 100.  If this does not make you want to quit I do not know what does.  I can give you a list of many horrible trades that the owner made to ruin his team because they felt the need to share it all.


Here is the teams MLB roster, now imagine looking at this roster in a 12 team league and listening to all the owners brag about raping the team to make it that bad and they are all telling you that they have all the draft picks for your team for the next three years.  Oh but they will make trades to take your good prospects off of your hands, lol.


Castillo, Welington C

Healy, Ryon 1B

Cabrera, Asdrúbal 2B,3B,SS

Marte, Ketel 2B,SS

Gonzalez, Marwin 1B,2B,SS,OF

McKinney, Billy OF (R)

Jones, Adam OF

Santana, Carlos 1B

Walker, Christian 1B (R)

Alonso, Pete 1B (R)

Castro, Starlin 2B

Hernández, César 2B

Moran, Colin 3B

Russell, Addison SS

Brinson, Lewis OF

Hamilton, Billy OF

Andújar, Miguel 3B (might not ever play again)

Seager, Kyle 3B

Céspedes, Yoenis OF

Barria, Jaime SP

Cobb, AlexSP

Gonzalez, Gio SP

Sanchez, Aaron SP

Fried, Max SP,RP

Britton, Zack RP

Castillo, Diego SP,RP

Díaz, Edwin RP

Borucki, Ryan SP

Chacín, Jhoulys SP

Pomeranz, Drew SP,RP

Duffy, Danny SP


The team does have some good prospects but then again the only way to get prospects into your system is through the draft or trades and there is no mlb talent to trade and the team has only two draft picks over the next three years.


Before you call out an owner who was willing to take on a huge project like this one maybe you should not sit around and laugh about how that team was raped as were two other teams in the league by the other owners before they put it up for new ownership leaving the old owners with all the draft picks and good players from ruined teams.





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Definitely sounds like the LM should not be the one throwing stones here!  Cannot figure out why you are trying to bash Palehose.

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