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2019 NBA Playoffs Thread

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2 hours ago, DJSatane said:

yes you right, same way jeremy lin is a champion, even though he "played" total of ~3 minutes entire playoffs. Its states, so it is.


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7 hours ago, Jake the snake said:

Again these analysts are ******** idiots.  Kawhi was a top tier two-way player, arguably the best in the world. I won't argue with who the best two-way player is as that's impossible to prove, but let's say he's among the best.  Now add a team legit 8 deep.  I'm not talking about Quin Cook deep.  I'm talking their 8th best player is FVF who was great in the finals.  Lowry has been criticized (perhaps justly) but was at one point a franchise player, Danny Green broke the records for most threes in a final once, plus FVF in the backcourt.  Pascal, Marc, Serge in the front court.  Maybe they didn't have Marc when they gave their cold take.  Getting him was a game changer imo.  Anyone with half a brain could see that they at least were among the top 3 teams in the east.  Add a little luck in, which every NBA champion has whether people want to admit it or not, and you have a title.  IDGAF what these guys think.  Tell me what Haralabos Voulgaris thought.

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6 hours ago, StifleTower2 said:

Again these analysts are ******** idiots.


No doubt, but it's fu$king great watching as a fan of the champs...oh yeah one more time baby...Your 2019 NBA Champions: The Toronto Raptors


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