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Who can I drop? WHIR

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There are currently a handful of guys I want to add but I"m not sure who to drop. What would you do? 

Free agents I am looking at.

Alex Gordon (Has shown this before. His average won't be this good but he's a good source of a lot of things)

F Galvis (SS & 2b who is playing over his head but if he can keep it up a little, he could be a steal)

Hunter Dozier (1b & 3b. This kid just his another bomb tonight. Don't know much about him but he seems too good to leave out there)

Pitchers like Z Davies, Shark, B Anderson, S Gray are all putting up good numbers right now.


I figured droppable guys are: Pisciotti, Inciarte and evne Aguilar at this point. T Richards is my only droppable SP.


10 team H2H. We keep exactly 5 (1 hitter, 1 pitcher and 3 any). No limit on keeper years. I kept Machado, Trout, Arenado, Trea Turner & Sale.

We play with 10 (Avg, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, Runs, Stls, K & Walks) hitter and 10 (IP, Wins, Losses, Saves, Blown Saves, K's, ERA & WHIP, Complete game & Shut Out) pitcher categories.

C. Narvaez

1b: Vogelbach

2b: D Gordon

3b: Arenado

SS: Machado

MI: Villar

CI: M Franco

4 OF: Trout, K Davis, Mazara & Inciarte

2 Ut: F Tatis & Pisciotty

Bn: Moustakas & Aguilar

DL: Trea Turner & McMahon

5 SP: Sale, Berrios, Tanaka, Porcello & Quintana

2 RP: Osuna & F Vazquez

Bn: Maeda & T Richards

NA: K Tucker

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I would consider picking up all 3 bats & dropping the guys you stated. As for SP, would take a chance on Davies. 



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Piscotty and Inciarte are droppable in ten team.  I might give Aguilar a little bit longer.

Return the favor?

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