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Replacement Owner Needed . Free . ESPN . 16 Team Salary Cap - Unique Keeper League

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League began in 2009, so we're entering our 11th season .. A new owner for this year has just asked to be replaced .. no reason given, just asked to be removed and replaced ... His team is 1-1 so far ... This team is in GREAT shape for the future ... current owner made a couple of shrewd trades and did a fantastic job in our MiLB draft this offseason .. 

Here are a few highlights of players on this team - some already signed to multi-year contracts and quite a few who are great candidates to be signed later this year (each owner has 15 years worth of multi-year contracts to give out each season - ... 

 ... signed for 3 years (including this year) ... Adalberto Mondesi (26th rounder) 

 ... signed for 2 years (including this year) .. Nick Pivetta (17th rounder)  ..... Marco Gonzalez (27th rounder) 

Players who make great candidates to be given a multi-year contract:  Gerrit Cole (1st rounder) .. Noah Syndergaard (1st rounder) .. Peter Alonso (12th rounder) .. Jorge Soler (16th rounder) .. Michael Pineda (20th rounder) .. Wade Miley (26th rounder) .. Daniel Murphy (7th rounder) ...

This team has Victor Robles who was just promoted to MLB roster from MiLB roster so he will be eligible to be retained as a later round draft pick next season and won't have to be signed until next year for long term ... 

MiLB Prospect roster consists of: 

 .. Chris Paddack

 .. Nolan Jones 

 .. Luis Garcia (Nationals)

 .. Nate Pearson 

 .. Khalil Lee

 .. Lazaro Armenteros 

 .. Forrest Whitley

 .. Dane Dunning

 .. Alex Verdugo

 .. Alex Hansen

 .. Ryan Mountcastle 

 .. Austin Hayes 


We have a salary cap . MiLB prospect system . proboard site for slow offline draft during the offseason . great group of owners . have to manage your team (max # starts for SP each matchup = 1 per day during matchup) .. ESPN . Head-to-Head Points . 16 teams . 8 teams make playoffs .. consolation bracket still plays for bettering your team's standing heading into next year - tanking does NOT get rewarded here) .. 

Leave email here or feel free to shoot me an email to:   ... or ...


Link to team on ESPN:

Link to our Proboard site:   

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This team is still available as the invite for ESPN has never been accepted ... Would love to have a new owner in place before next week's matchups begin if at all possible! 

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