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  1. Manager in my league is wanting to trade for Walker and is wanting to offer an SP in exchange - pretty much what I need right now. Can y'all help me determine a fair offer for Walker? 
  3. His SPs are - Corbin, C. Smith, Stripling, Weaver, Márquez, Rodón, Flaherty, Ray 
  5. I obviously can't ask for Corbin, however after that it's kind of slim pickings. Thoughts? 
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I'd rank the targets: Flaherty, Marquez, Weaver, Rodon.  I like Smith, but the W's will be so hard to come by.  Stripling's already headed back to the pen.  And Ray is all over the place.  If you can get Flaherty or Marquez for someone you picked up off waivers, I'd call that a win.

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25 minutes ago, sharpee said:

Seems he wants to offer Ray or rodon. Thoughts?


I assume Caleb is preferable? Think Ray or rodon might be worth it should he not agree to Caleb?


For me, Caleb is definitely preferable. He might turn into a pumpkin, but all signs point to a legit breakout. See the Caleb Outlook thread for more info and hype, lol. I have owned Rodon every season for like the past 4 or 5 seasons it seems like and every season I end up dropping him at some point due to injury or just plain suckage. He had a few good games though earlier so hard to predict. I wouldn't want Ray.

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