Orphan Team - $100 12Team Dynasty Empire 0.5PPR SuperFlex - ESPN - LeagueSafe

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We had one guy leave the league today after a couple issues that came out.
Looking for someone to take over his team.


0.5 PPR1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 SuperFlex, 1 Flex, - No D/ST or Kickers
14 Bench Spots, 2 IR Spots
Player Acquisition System: FAAB - $200 Budget

All Payments Made Through LeagueSafe
$100 Buy In every year
$60 will go into pot for that years winners ($720 in total)
1st $420
2nd $200
3rd $100

The Remaining $480 will go into a side pot every year
The first person to win the league in back to back years wins the side pot
2nd Year Pot Size - $960
3rd Year Pot Size - $1440
4th Year Pot Size - $ 1920

Once someone wins the league back to back and all money will be given out and we will either Disband the league or Start from scratch and most likely replace people who wish to leave.

Example:So if a person wins in the 3rd Year and 4th Year of League
They get that years main Pot $420
Plus the entire Side Pot $1920
For a total of $2340

Every year we will only keep 18 out of the 22 players on the roster
After the NFL Draft - we will hold our Rookie/Free Agent draft of 4 rounds.

Rookie/Free Agent drafts will be Fixed Draft and set as follows:
Picks 1-6 will be giving randomly to the players that did not qualify for the playoffs.
This is done To Avoid Tanking.
Picks 7-12 will be determined by playoff standing.

Draft picks can be Traded.

We also use the GroupMe app to all League Communication------

Here is a link to the orphan team:

Please let me know if you are interested in taking over.

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