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RSports baseball opens up leagues, Be an owner not just a player

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RSports is the first to franchise the Fantasy Sports Industry. Compete in a virtual league while winning cash prizes and earning revenues through real sponsorships, ad revenues, equity, stock and more in the most authentic fantasy application ever built.



Join us to be a part of any one of our following products:

       Virtual Baseball League Franchise Ownership

       Front Office Member

       Agents Association

       Crowdfunding League

       Virtual Football Leagues Coming Soon!




New Leagues are forming now that will begin in July and November, respectively.  Buy a team now and take over the real-life roster and W-L record this July!  Decide for yourself which deadline trades you will make.  Are you buying, selling, or hedging?  Compete for cash prizes this year in the final two months of the season for the pennant drive.  Or, build for the future and start planning for 2020 and beyond.  Check out the link below for franchise prices ranging from $125.00 to $10k in our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Leagues.  Annual Earnings Pools ranging from $2,500 to $15k.


How Much Does This Cost?

Or, ask if there are any clubs for sale in our Premiere League!




Don’t have the money to purchase a team?  Our Premiere League is always looking for front office help.  The Premier League’s First Year Player Draft is over three days from July 27-29.  Draft 40 Rounds and negotiate with real Agents.  You taking Rutschman or Bobby Witt, Jr.?  Or, will you go off the board for a slot saver to spread out your bonus pools?


Try your hand as a GM or Assistant GM as well in the most authentic virtual baseball game ever built!


All for only $25 per month.  Negotiate your contract with your new Owner and win some prize money!!





WANTED:  Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel are looking for new homes in the Premiere League of our VBL.  Be their Agent and earn some cash!


Buy a team in one league and participate in another league on the other side as an Agent.  This is the only mechanism in place where humans negotiate with other humans for virtual baseball contracts and make money in the process!


Don’t have the time to run a team?  Become an Agent of a player and negotiate his contract.  Buy players and build out your Agency.  Trade players with other Agencies.  And, even steal a player from another Agency.  Do you have what it takes to be the Scott Boras of the Virtual Baseball World? 


Gone are the days of needing to build out a team.  In our world, you can have a bunch of guys who play the same position and make you money.  Earn money by negotiating deals and also when your players earn incentives, all-star appearances, bonuses, etc..  Even make money when your player’s team makes the playoffs and wins the World Series via post-season shares!


Imagine a world where you can invest in Nolan Arenado like a real Agent does.  Then, earn back that investment and more when you negotiate his contract for real dollars!  You can even procure draft eligible players like Adley Rutschman or the hottest Cuban or Dominican Free Agent via International Free Agency. 


Do you have what it takes to find the right investment price and negotiate a deal for more money?







Try your hand in our Crowdfunding League.  Purchase equity in a franchise and vote on decisions per your equity shares.  Own 25% of the team, then your vote earns you 25% of the ultimate decision.  Buy in and watch your equity grow.  Grow it, sell it, hold it.  Either way, earn and have fun at the same time by just voting on a few decisions a week.





Currently, rSports, Inc. is discussing adding our very first Virtual Football League.  It will either begin in September with the start of the next Football season or next April, 2020 when the rNFL Draft takes place. 


We are taking inquiries from those interested to see when we can build out our first league.  Let us know if you’re interested in Football! 



If you’re interested, please visit to get more information.  Or, simply reply back to this e-mail so we can discuss the next steps to take.

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