Dynasty EPL League looking for owners!

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I came up with a dynasty EPL league based on the structure I use for baseball and football, but with a BUNCH of EPL specific features like:


League Cup

Youth Academy

Transfer Fees

Player loans

Looking to fill with 20 teams, league to run on Fantrax, scoring based on the Togga Draft game. Let me know if you want to see the rules!

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I think you might be a good candidate for my league, check it out. 
I've got 16 guys confirmed for my EPL H2H fantasy league and it will be a two league relegation/promotion league.  8 guys will make up Group A and 8 guys will make up Group B, the top four in each group will then form League 1 next year and the bottom four in each group will from League 2 next year.  Then in the seasons that follow we will relegate the bottom 3 from League 1 to League 2 and promote the top three in League 2 to League 1 at the end of each season.  
This will require a multi-year commitment from everyone in the groups.  The Group A and Group B winners and second place finishers this year will finish in the money as will first and second place of both League 1 and League 2 next year.  However, the winner of League 1 will win more money than the winner of League 2 (thats the benefit of qualifying for League 1 and winning the harder league).  Entry fee is $25 this year and I will collect it after both drafts are done.
I would like to find 4 more fantasy owners to join that way each group would have 10 guys instead of 8.  If interested shoot me an email for the rest of the details.

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