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16 Year Old Dynasty League Free To Join, Topps Triple Threads for winners;

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We use proboards and fantrax.

Complete 30 team dynasty league. We have a full off season free agency period, trading period, and waivers. Each MLB team is represented and you would own that teams minor league system. We are looking for a few new good owners.

We open 2 boxes of topps triple threads during the MLB playoffs and offer the overall winner the first pick, then down to the lowest point wild card winner.

Give me a shout here or at the proboard site if you have any questions or interest!

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So, i was asked a couple of times already about the prize structure. No, we are not giving out an entire case of topps triple threads to each division winner. 

We purchase two boxes of topps tripple threads. We open them LIVE on youtube at a predetermined time. This always most owners to watch live.

We emulate the MLB as much as possible. So, the overall winner (world series winner) gets to pick any card he wants from the two boxes. Then the league champ gets the second pick. The the division winners and then wild card winners based on their groups points get to pick all the way down. Generally that means that the top 2 or 4 teams in the league get vvery good cards, and the wild card players get something.

Its fun just to get into this draft, hence making people want to compete.

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So, with the idea of having some high end baseball cards become available I thought it would be interesting to see how the standings (and the draft order for the cards) would work out!

#1 Rays 254 World Series Champ Leader
#2 Braves 218.5 League Champ Leader
#3 Angels 232.5 AL West
#4 Royals 210.5 AL Central
#5 Giants 205.5 NL West
#6 Reds 180.0 NL Central
#7 Yankees 217.5 ALWC1
#8 Mets 194.5 NLWC1
#9 Indians 186.5 ALWC2
#10 Dodgers 178.5 NLWC2
___________No Draft For Cards___________________________
A's 184.5 Way Behind for division, but VERRRY close to a ALWC2 Spot
Orioles 178 Less then 10 points away from ALWC2
Cubs 176 Super Close to Reds For NL Central!!!
Marlins 173.5 Very Close to Dodgers for NLWC2
Padres 165 Less then 15 points away from a WC Berth
___________Kinda Farther Away___________________________
Most others from 138.5 and down.

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Detroits CUrrent Roster Available:

C Austin Barnes 1.0 3rd
1B Miguel Cabrera 12.5M 2020
2B/1B/LF/RF/CF Whit Merrifield 3.6 4th
SS/2B/3B Javier Baez 10.0 6th
3B/1B Ryon Healy 1.0 4th
LF/CF Jacoby Jones 1.0 3rd
CF/LF/RF Aaron Altherr 1.0 4th
RF/CF Scott Schebler 1.0 4th
SS Marco Hernandez (RedSox) 0.3M 1st

SP Justin Verlander 9.1M 2020
SP Trevor Cahill 2.0M 2018+
SP Tyler Duffey 1.0 4th
SP Corbin Burnes 0.3 1st
SP Shane Greene 1.0 5th
SP Brad Peac*ck 1.0 6th

RP Santiago Casilla 1.5M 2018+
RP Carl Edwards Jr 1.0 3rd
SS Brenden Dixon (Dodgers #18)
SP Brandon McCurry (Houston #20)
SP Dakota Mekkes (Cubs) 
3B Kevin Padlo (Rays #11)
OF Garrett Whitley (Rays #10)
OF Demi Orimoyole (Brewers #20)
SP Paul Fry (Mariners #28)
SP Austin Pruitt (Rays)
SP Dylan Unsworth (Mariners)
SS Anfernee Seymour (Braves #19)
OF Sean Godfrey (Braves)
C Kade Scivicque (Braves)
1B Kristian Brito (Mariners)
OF Jay Baum (Mariners)

The Farm (protected Tigers)
SP Tyler Alexander #5
OF Jose Azocar #10
1B Dominic Ficociello #20
RP Adam Ravenelle #8

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