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Hello Gentlemen,


My name is Ed Kelly. I am the commissioner of BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE you see posted on rotoworld all year long. I'm recruiting for the 2020 season. So if you're looking for a quality league to join, please read on. 

I run ONE online fantasy baseball league AND 3 fantasy baseball leagues with LIVE AUCTIONS in NYC. All of my fantasy baseball leagues are 18 teams each with a $1000 entry fee. 

I am most interested in recruiting middle aged, and older, family men to come join my leagues. I provide something you will enjoy. A competitive, friendly, no non sense, well run league that you can feel safe in knowing the league will be run well, with no b.s. trades taking place, so your time won't be wasted, and when you do win, you'll be paid the day after the season is over. I've been running fantasy baseball leagues since the late 90's. I have well over a thousand post on this site without one complaint about my leagues. Rotoworld has been very good to me with regards to recruiting many owners, many I can now call my friends. Like all leagues, on occasion, a couple of owners will get into an argument on the league message board, sometimes it can be funny, sometimes sophomoric, but rest assured I'm a great commissioner that doesn't hide from stepping in when needed. I can send you an invite today, while in-season, so you can take a look at my leagues and even post on the message board asking my league members if they believe the league is run well. You may get some silly comments but I'm sure it'll be in good fun. 


We are a group of men who understand what many of our friends and especially our women don't and that is the allure and enjoyment of being a fantasy baseball general manager. LOL


You should also know I run 2 fantasy football leagues online. I may have a live draft this season for fantasy football in NYC. I have post under the Football section of rotoworld's match maker service if you want to learn more.


And finally, I do run 3 fantasy hoops leagues, ONE ONLINE, and 2 live auctions in NYC. Again, you can find these post under the basketball section of rotoworld.


My cell phone number is 718 687 3251


Feel free to call or text anytime with any questions you may have. Your interest can be mild or serious. 


You can also email me at EDBUZZ261@GMAIL.COM I can send you a link via cbs sports so you can log onto our league and look over the settings, rules, etc.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 


Good luck in the second half.




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