12-Team // Dynasty // Salary Cap // SuperFlex // $50

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New League Starting!  

This league is based on a format that I have played in for over 10 years, with contracts, salary cap, free agency, and lots of assets to trade and build with. This is a non-IDP version of our main Sudden Death League. Successful franchises in this league will have the opportunity to move up to our IDP league if/when openings arise.  




Visit the league setup at:




Some key points to this league:

- PPR Scoring
- 8-player starting lineups
- Salaries for all players with contracts (up to 4 years)
- Salaries based on 2018 stats
- Free Agency bidding in the offseason for an opportunity to sign an un-contracted player from another team
- Un-contracted player values determined by the previous year's stats
- Taxi Squad (5 players max for rookies only)
- Top 6 teams make the playoffs (1-5 seeds determined by H2H record, 6 seed determined by points)
- Weekly blind bidding on waiver wire players
- Automatic trade processing

Free Agency:

Each offseason, you will have the opportunity to bid on (1) un-contracted player from another team.
The owner of the player will have the opportunity to either match the offer, or receive a draft pick as compensation.
Each team will also have (1) Franchise Tag and (1) Transition Tag to assign to their own players.


Contracts & Salary Cap:

Once the initial draft and rookie draft is complete, you will have the opportunity to assign a contract to two players -- one rookie and one veteran (up to 4 years):
Assigning each contract requires a $1K signing bonus, which will be deducted from your team's salary cap.
In future years, you will have the ability to buyout or extend these contracts. 


Rosters & Lineups:
1QB (2 max), 2RB (4 max), 2WR (5 max), 1TE (2 max)
Total Roster Spots: 20  /  Taxi Squad: 5 Players  /  IR: 2 Spots


$50 per team ($520 into winnings pool, $80 for site fee)
LeagueSafe // League Champion and Runner-Up win $$.


Owner Responsibilities:

 Each team owner should be active, respond to requests, and trade offers in a timely manner.
We'll also use GroupMe app for active discussions, as well as the league chat and message board.
Team names should include your City/Town/State and team name (for easy organization).

This is NOT just a basic "set your lineup" league, and requires your attention to details and events throughout the season and offseason.

This is a customized MFL league.
We'll be conducting the initial draft (random order, snake format) for the new teams once filled (and paid)!  


-- Interested or have questions? Reply below or send me a PM --

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48 minutes ago, Chrismedic said:

i am interested


Great — invite has been sent! You are temporarily Franchise 3. If you login and update your team name, we’ll update your team logo shortly. 

I am also finalizing the last edits to the rulebook. Welcome to the league! 

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Note this league also has a Devy component...
Each franchise selects a D1 college team and automatically receives the rights to those players in future drafts. 

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3 hours ago, Mike Johnson 52 said:


Invite sent! 

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions, update your team name, etc... You are temporarily franchise 4. 

Welcome to the league! 

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20 minutes ago, TheGrumpyZombie said:

Spots left?

We have 6 openings remaining... if you're interested, post/PM me your email address and will send you an invite.
Let me know if you have any questions -- Thanks!


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1 minute ago, TheGrumpyZombie said:

Def interested.

Invite sent -- Welcome to the league!
Be sure to update your team name, check out the rule book, and join us on GroupMe!

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5 openings left...  👍
Already getting started with updating team logos, and GroupMe activity.
Draft will be scheduled as soon as we have the remaining spots filled! 

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When will the draft take place? Will it be a live draft or with a timer set like 8 hrs? I live in Europe so I'm out if it will be a live draft that starts like at 3am CET . If it is timer based I am interested. I play in other dynasty leagues so in regard to lineup submission and stuff the time difference is no prob. 

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