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Premier League Theme Dynasty Startup, Need 2 More Owners To Fill, Slow Draft 7/28

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Host: Fantrax, with funds collected and held through Fantrax’s Treasurer Feature



The cost per season is $57.  This covers the league buy-in and Fantrax’s premium fee.  The most important part of this dynasty league is longevity.  To ensure that we get committed owners, we’ll ask that you pay for two seasons up front ($114).  After each season, including the first season, you’ll make a $57 payment. So you are constantly paid two years in advance.  If you abandon your team the advanced payment would be used to find a new owner..


Regular Season:

Each team will play each other once. The team with the best record at the end of week 11 is the regular season champion.  All ties are broken by total points scored.   


FA Cup:

From week 13 to week 16 there will be a single elimination tournament to determine the FA Cup winner.  All 12 teams will be seeded based on the standings after week 11 and be placed in the FA Cup Tournament (top 4 teams in standings get a bye to week 14).  When week 13 arrives a bracket will be sent out that shows your FA Cup match-up. If you lose your FA Cup matchup then you are out of the FA Cup tournament..  If your team is out of the regular season champion race, you can still get hot at the end of the season and win the FA Cup.    


Week 12:

Because week 12 has NFL teams on byes, we did not want to start the FA Cup that week. No teams will have matchups, but you will submit a lineup.  The points you score on week 12 will only count towards the overall points champion, you will not receive a win or loss that week. 



You’ll start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 4 FLEX (RB/WR/TE) and 1 Superflex (QB,RB,WR,TE).  16 bench spots give you a total of 27 roster spots with three additional spots for injured reserves.



Passing TD = 4

Passing yards = 1 point every 20 yards

Rushing TD = 6

Rushing yards = 1 point every 10 yards

Reception = 1

Receiving TD = 6

Receiving yards = 1 point every 10 yards



 The start-up draft will be a slow draft with 4 hours allowed for your pick to be made with the clock frozen from midnight to 6AM eastern each night.  We’re planning on starting the draft at 8AM on Saturday, July 27th.


Rookie Draft:

The rookie draft will take place in July of each summer.  This is a 3 round draft where only rookies can be drafted.


Rookie Draft Lottery:

The bottom 6 teams in the standings at the end of week 11 will participate in a lottery for the first 3 picks of the rookie draft for the following season.  The lottery will be conducted on a website and the procedure for the lottery will be similar to this: balls will be placed in a bucket and drawn for the top 3 spots.  The 12th place team would have 6 balls in the bucket, the 11th place 5 balls, and so on until the 7th place team has 1 ball in. The lottery will be done on a website where everyone will be emailed simultaneously of the results.  Once the top 3 picks are determined, picks 4 - 12 would determined by the reverse order of standings.  Rounds 2 and 3 will not be influenced by the lottery, and will be determined by the reverse order of the standings.  


Tanking Policy:

If tanking is suspected, a complaint should be sent to me.  I will evaluate each instance on a case-by-case basis to a) determine if tanking has occurred and b) what the consequence should be.  Any owner who is accused of tanking would be allowed to plead their case to me. If, in my judgment, an owner is trying to lose they would forfeit their best available pick in the upcoming draft.  If the instance is a misunderstanding (forgot to set lineup for a Thursday game, on vacation, etc) then a warning may be issued. If this misunderstanding happens again a pick may be taken away though it may necessarily be your best available pick.  I know this may sound harsh for a few innocent mistakes, but these innocent mistakes could directly impact the standings and in turn impact everyone in the league. The three possible consequences could be 1) the loss of your best pick in the upcoming draft 2) the loss of a pick in the upcoming draft (round determined by me) or 3) a warning.  



12 owners x $57 = $684


Fantrax fee = $79.95


Regular Season Champ = $175


Regular Season Runner-Up = $75 


FA Cup Champion = $175


FA Cup Runner-Up = $75


Overall Points Champion (weeks 1-16) = $104.50

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at

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