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Hey all.. 

Anyone interested in TAKING OVER & JOINING a BRAND NEW, drafting (3) sport league.. MLB, NBA & NFL -
12 team dynasty... keep 35 of 40 mlb, 25 of 30 nfl and 20 of 25 nba players on your team... 
CURRENT OWNER.. didn't know the amount of TIME/WORK it takes to be apart of this type of leagues.. so, he's looking to be replaced. 
He's seeking someone to replace and FULLY buy him out.. $75 buy-in ($25 per sport)
$25 buy-in per sport.. you'd take over for a departing owner.. Previous owner will take a FULL buy-out..
Round 22, of the leagues slow draft! Currently drafted players are..
Giannis Antetokounmpo SF MIL
Odell Beckham Jr WR CLE
Dalvin Cook RB MIN
Ben Simmons PG PHI
Francisco Lindor SS CLE
Devonta Freeman RB ATL
Aaron Rodgers QB GB
Hunter Henry TE LAC
Deandre Ayton C PHX
Kirk Cousins QB MIN
Mark Ingram II RB BAL
Jacob deGrom SP NYM
Kristaps Porzingis PF DAL
John Collins PF ATL
Christian Kirk WR ARI
Royce Freeman RB DEN
Andrew Benintendi LF BOS
Sterling Shepard WR NYG
Justin Verlander SP HOU
Matt Chapman 3B OAK
Buddy Hield SG SAC


We still have 59 draft picks left to go, in the slow draft. and afterwards.. we will have a 15 round rookie draft. :)
NO Rookies can be drafted in the first draft. So players like Zion and Jacobs, Kyler Murray etc are all still to be drafted.
Here is the leagues facebook group.. click to join if interested in checking out the league rules..
I'll get you updated on the rules, posts and see if you're the right fit for the league and this "take over".
Thanks for the time..

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