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Hi there ,

With the now official season opening in yahoo I've decided to create a new dynasty league...just for the sake of it.

Let's see how it pans out, I'm a dedicated owner participating in quite a few leagues already. However I always  wanted to create mine from the scratch, with the settings of my choice,  and it seems this could be finally the year.

I'm into deep leagues , so roughly what I have started is a free league hosted in Yahoo , H2H 9 cat, 20 teams, 16 players per roster, 10 active, 10 keepers ,4 adds per week, no inj spot.

Some details still need to be fine tuned: for the inaugural draft I'm considering either an early auction draft in the first week of September or an offline snake draft with 6 hours per pick.

Final decision will depend on the eagerness of the group of owners I put together. I'd much  rather go with the latter if I see that  everyone's involvement can make this option  viable ,just don't wanna see a ton of autopicks or people skipping their turns.

Before I start spreading the word among the members of my other leagues just wanted to reach out to people who are actively looking to join a dynasty league in the different fantasy boards.

In case you are interested toss me a pm, please explain a bit your motivation to join this endeavour , as I'd like to put together a solid group of owners that allow the league to last for good number of years.

Thank you

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