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Need 3 More - $75 - 12 Team - 2 Keeper - 0.5ppr League - Start Up - Auction Draft - ESPN - LeagueSafe

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$200 Starting Budget
Any player kept with result in the amount drafted plus 10% each year

Ex: Christian McCaffery winning bid is $50
He can be kept next year for $55
If kept the 3rd year, will be $61

There will be a minimum of a $1 increase on all keepers

Any player that was added off waivers will be kept for $5

Maximum number of years a player can be kept is 2.
For a total number of 3 years on a teams roster.

FAAB waivers
1QB - 2RB - 3WR - 1TE - 1Flex - 7Bench - 1IR
No D/ST or K

6 Teams make Playoffs
Week 16 Championship - No Week 17

1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $75
Highest Season Scorer $75

GroupMe will be required for all members.
Invite to league chat will be sent after you have joined.

Draft Date Aug 20, 2019 - 9PM EST
Need 3

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37 minutes ago, isuckatdfs said:

i will join but how do you keep people from quitting the league if they draft a gabarge team?

It's only 2 keepers - It shouldn't keep people from quitting (at least that's what I think)
If it was more keepers then that I could see that being a problem

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