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Bringing back a few leagues from last year. For the passed few years we did an 11-week Regular Season with a 1-week Wild Card and then 2-week Semi-Final and Final. In hindsight the regular season is too short so we're going with a change to hopefully get the best of both worlds.
Here are how the standings will be determined:
- Each week teams will play their scheduled opponent H2H, and the winner will receive a Win and the loser receives a Loss as usual.
- In addition to this, the top half of the league in scoring for any given week will receive an additional .5 "Wins" for scoring in the top half, with the exception of the weekly high scorer who will receive one full additional "Win". (i.e. an owner can receive .5, 1, 1.5, or 2 wins per week)
- The top 4 teams in Wins after 12 Regular Season weeks will make the playoffs where we will have a two-week Semi-Final in weeks 13-14 and two-week Championship in weeks 15-16.
I believe doing this solves both the problem of our 11-week season being too short, and the age-old problem of having a high scoring team with a s--- schedule consistently scoring in the top half and still losing.
Outside of this all scoring and other rules will remain the same.
Regular Season: Weeks 1-12
Semi-Finals: Weeks 13-14
Championship: Weeks 15-16
Prize Pool: $3,600
Champion: $1,800
2nd Place: $750
3rd Place: $350
Regular Season Champ: $500
Most Points (Weeks 13-16): $200

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I signed up for the league in League Safe and paid. Can you email me to confirm? Thanks!



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just sent an invite on ESPN, there are 4 paid on League Safe right now but none with the email you listed. Did you pay under a different email?

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Definitely interested. (Or in the similar $200 league drafting 8/23 IF this one is full I suppose.)  Email is

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