Puck Hogs Local 242 Fantasy Hockey 19th year, 200+ teams, web site, trophies, LeagueSafe

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Are you looking for a great new fantasy hockey league?

We are the best fantasy hockey league around: Puck Hogs Local 242, celebrating our 19th year. Last year we had 14 divisions and 210 teams in five countries, yes you read that right. We’re looking to expand again to eventually get to 250+ managers (each division has a full roster of NHL players available).

We want you in our league! We don't care if you are a semi-ignorant blow-hard or a mute spreadsheet monkey reading QMJHL scouting reports. We have a ton of fun on our message board (clever trash-talk, insightful commentary) and some of us get together for a somewhat annual event we call Puckapalooza (past locations: Hartford, Seattle, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Toronto, Los Angeles, Colorado).

We use Fantrax and have a great H2H playoff format that you’ve never seen anywhere else. We also have cool trophies and awards including The Bucket awarded annually to our league champion.

Check out our awesome recruiting video: (please note we still need to record our 2019-20 video!) and below are more details about who we are and what we do:

email to join (or for more info) and please mention PUCKHOGS when you do.

Or check out some more cool links:

·         Web (note “A Brief History…” at bottom)

·         Current Teams: McCracken Division (wouldn’t your avatar look great here?)

·         Trophies/Awards:

·         Facebook Discussion Group:

·         New Puck Hog FAQ:

·         WhatsApp! trash talk chat: to be joined when you join

·         Our Fantrax league:


·         We have 18 years of demonstrated prize payout legitimacy and use LeagueSafe for added transparency. We accept PayPal, Venmo, Interac e-bank transfer as needed.

Let me know if you have any questions either here or via email (see the FAQ above which tells you next steps if you’re interested). We are on our way to FANTASY HOCKEY WORLD DOMINATION. Come join the ride so we can mock your first-round pick, “Conner McWhathisname? Nikita WHOcherov?

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Checked it out and it looks like a super exciting format!  Can't wait to be a part of it.

If those who has seen the post but didn't check out the links, now's the time before it's too late!

Thanks for posting here!

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anyone else interested?  draft tonight, MAYBE one tomorrow at worst.

But should finish it off tonight

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