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I need to drop 2 WHIR

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10 team PPR. I didn't draft a K or D so I need to drop 2.

2 rb, 2 wr 1 flex

QB: Rodgers

RB:Barkley, Mixon, J.Jacobs, Guice, L,Mccoy, D Henderson

WR: Allen, Edelman, D.Moore, Green, Joness JR, Fitzgerald, E.Sanders

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I would say drop McCoy, Henderson is a lottery ticket if Gurley can't stay healthy. And either Fitz or Sanders. I love Sanders, but hate Flacco

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Henderson and Fitz for me.

Gurley has looked great. I really doubt he misses much time unless he suffers a new injury. The "arthritis" doesn't seem to be holding him back and Henderson has been 

overdrafted in redraft. Fitz for me has some very good young WR to contend with now in Kirk and Kee Johnson. Isabella and the other Rookie seem pretty irrelevant at the moment.

Also, if Murray struggles a bit that will effect Fitz. I actually think McCoy has looked good so far. Unless he gets injured I would expect him to still get a good run.  Even if he starts splitting some touches with Singletary, he should have more production than Henderson UNLESS again Gurley does get reinjured.

please help with mine, thanks:


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