1 spot open $125 12 Team Standard snake draft Tonight Sept. 3rd 7:15 PM Pacific on Yahoo

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I have a league going since 2004 that has 1 spot open.   Draft is Tonight  Tuesday September 3rd 7:15  PM Pacific/ 10:15 PM Eastern on Yahoo. Takes about 2 hours from our history. 

** We need to replace an owner that hasn't paid and hasn't responded so 1st to grab the spot gets it!

League is called Die Hard FFL

12 Team Standard Snake draft on Yahoo. 

Head to Head format.

13 week season

Top 2 teams receive a bye in the 1st round

$125 League Fee    100% paid out * See below

Format is that we draft the following specific rosters in any particular order:

2 QB's

,4 RB's

5 WR's

2 TE's 

2 DEF's 

2 Kickers

Weekly lineups are:

1 QB

2 RB's

3 WR's

1 TE


1 Kicker

*We allow 1 IR spot during the season 

** We do not currently use Leaguesafe for open disclosure!  * I may be able to work something for this let me know.

We have 11 teams currently and need 1 to be full.

**Payouts are as follows:

1st  $600

2nd $300

3rd  $200

4th  $100

** We have an additional 2 payouts of $149 to the top 2 total point scoring teams weeks 14-16 as an incentive for all teams to continue to maintain their rosters throughout the season.

$2 is for postage :-). 

Please either email me or message me here with your interest or questions.

1st in gets the spot. 



I will respond to your email and be available by phone as well to answer any questions you may have.


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