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Hybrid League (season long/daily fantasy) focused on trading

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I am looking for a few more managers for a Yahoo league that is for people who like trading players each week.  The idea is to have a hybrid between a season long league and daily fantasy.  Please let me know if you're interested and I'll email the league invite.

Quick description:  All positions' point projections are fairly equal, it's 1 PPR & .5 PPC, there are a lot of flex spots, 1 required spot for each position, you get points for trading that do not affect weekly match-ups but would affect league rankings.  I'm open to changes in the scoring/settings.

Detailed description:

This league is essentially just for people who like to trade players.  I'm in a few leagues where people are either too scared to trade or will only trade if they rip someone off.  So, this is for people who will keep up all season and actually have the balls to trade players.  It's a new concept so it won't be perfect at first but will get better over time and I'm open to adjustments before the draft (currently set for Wed night). The scoring is adjusted so that nearly all players & positions are more equal. For example, the top 5 or so Kickers/Defenses have point projections in the top 40 with RB, WR, & QB.  Trading is highly encouraged but also provides incentives.  So, significant points will be awarded each week for teams that make trades.  The points won't affect weekly match-up winner/losers.  Instead, the points will be added to the season point totals which will adjust the weekly rankings (and ultimately playoff elimination and/or seeding).

Required positions:

  - 1 each: QB, WR, RB, TE, K, D
  - 4 RB/WR/TE Flex spots
  - 5-7 Bench (depends on # of managers)
  - 1 IR


  - You can see the details if you join the league but it's been adjusted so that the projected points for the season for all positions are fairly equal.  A couple examples of scoring changes to balance things are: 1 PPR, .5 PPC, 35 passing yards for a point but 10 receiving/rushing yards for a point, significant points for defenses that hold teams to low scoring, and increasingly higher points for field goals of all distances.

  - Regarding points for trading:  At the end of the week, trades will be calculated and 2 points awarded to both teams for every 1 player involved in the trade.  For example, if Team A trades 2 players to Team B for 3 players (5 players total in the trade) then 10 points are given to both teams.  By adding an incentive to trading, it adds a benefit to the intent of the league - trading a lot. 

Other info:

  - This is a new concept so I'm open to suggestions or changes on the scoring or settings for this year.  It won't be perfect this year so if there is enough interest for next year, we can always refine the way this works.

  - Ideally, this would be a league with managers who are only tied to 1 or 2 players from their roster and the rest are players they're willing to deal in at least 1 trade per week.

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