Mason Rudolph 2019 Outlook

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16 minutes ago, Hacksawjimduggan said:

What did the Steelers see in Rudolph that resembled an NFL QB? If Minkah was a "win now" move, as they more or less conceded a top-5 pick with his acquisition and stellar defense, why wouldn't they go out and get someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick in that trade as well?

Minkah is not a "win now" now, he's a "win now" next year and the year after.

Dude is a proven talent taken in the 1st round before Steelers pick in 2018 and on the 2nd year of his rookie deal.

He's in the same spot as if they'd drafted him in 2018 and he missed the season due to injury - only he doesn't have the injury in his past and the Steelers saw what he could do on the pro level for a whole season. 

If he got sent back into the draft, the Steelers would love to take him.

They saw an opportunity to get a player they really liked but couldn't draft and took advantage. 

Regardless of what happens this season, it was a great move

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