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New owner needed for 2020 - starting soon

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I’m looking for another owner of a fantasy baseball team.  We will be losing 2 owners for 2020.  I have one replaced already, but still need a 2nd.  The two available teams will be combined, and a special draft will be held to divide the players.  There are good players available on both teams.



I’m looking for a special type of owner. An owner who wants to mold a team and build through trades, minor league drafts, and free agent signings. Someone who wants to roll up his sleeves and turn a struggling franchise into a contender. It can be done in this league.  This years winner was a replacement team owner of last year. This is a fantasy baseball league with year round action. We will be starting our 15th year, and the free agent signing period and free agent auctions are soon to be done (done in Oct &Nov). There are 16 teams with 4 divisions. 154 game schedule as you will be playing 7 teams head to head each week and then we have playoffs. $110 franchise fee (with $100 going towards prizes and the other $10 going for stat service - CBS).   Good league with good owners. 40 man major league team and 25 man minor league roster. This league involves player salaries and contracts. We have two minor league drafts per year (one in Jan. the other in July). Let me know if you have interest and I will send constitution and rosters.


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