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Counter or reject? WHIR

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10-team, PPR, 2 QB, with passing TD's worth 6 points. I'm in 1st at 2-1 and the other guy is at 1-2. He was just able to get Dak for Ertz in another trade, but he just offered the following:

I would get Adams and Jeffrey for Rivers, Edelman and Melvin Gordon.

My roster:

QB: Rodgers, J. Allen

WR: A. Cooper, Edelman

RB: McCaffrey, Ingram

TE: Kelce


DEF: Green Bay

Bench: Rivers, Kyle Allen, Hollywood Brown, AJ Green, M. Gordon, J. White, D. Thompson


His roster:

QB: Dak, Bridgewater

WR: Adams, Boyd

RB: Conner, Mack

TE: Waller

K: Gostkowski

DEF: Chicago

Bench: Cousins, Brees, Jeffery, Hardman, McCoy


We are only allowed to roster 3 QB's, so I trade/drop one of them. If Gordon is coming back soon, should I just straight reject or what would be a fair counter?




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Considering your receivers, I don't think it's a bad deal for you.  Jeffery and Adams (assuming he picks up a bit) would give a good boost to that area of your team.  And if Gordon doesn't come back, this becomes a steal.  



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