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Who is the better keeper- Wall or Nurkic WHIR

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I'm in a long running keeper league (over ten years) and need to choose between keeping John Wall or Nurkic. Neither are probably likely to be much help to me this year, but looking at the year after. It's a points league with a complicated scoring focus, but it should make the choice easier in that you don't need to worry about team build or shortcomings in a particular category as much. Wall averaged 38.6 fantasy points and Nurkic average 37.0, so not much splitting them there either. I am light on guards, so that might be a thought if you can't split them.

My other keepers are (2018-19 fantasy averages in brackets);

Giannis (54.4)

Bledsoe (32.0)

Draymond Green (31.7)

Paul George (43.8)

Myles Turner (30.6)

Jaren Jackson Jr (24.1)


Just in case there's a case to keep someone else, the other guys I could choose from are;

Caris LeVert (23.4)

Will Barton (19.4)

Elfrid Payton (30.0)

Paul Milsap (27.1)

Dennis Schroder (22.8)

Spencer Dinwiddie (24.6)


Leave your links and I'll happily help.

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I'd go with Wall.... Beal will be FA next yr so he might leave, plus Portland added Whiteside

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