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Short bench 1st world problems - WHIR

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10 team, 2qb league....short benches.... start 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex

QBs: Lamar, Kyler, Dak

RB: Cook, Zeke, Chubb, Michel

WR: Tyreek, lockett, diggs, fuller, watkins

te: andrews


I feel like every passing week I'm hurting my team by not rostering all 3 of my handcuffs (pollard, hunt, mattison). But to roster the handcuffs i'd be looking at dropping quality players in watkins, fuller and michel. The league isnt very active on trades so ideally I would do 2 for 1 trades to get slight improvements at WR and free up bench spots.... but it hasnt happened yet. So would you drop watkins, fuller and michel to roster the 3 premier handcuffs... i just feel if one of my elite RB's were to go down i'd rather start their handcuff... WHIR!!!!!

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If I had to drop someone I guess it would be Watkins since he is hurt. I would easily pick up Mattison over the rest. Maybe you do not need to handcuff all 3? Zeke does not get hurt and I don't know Chubbs injury history. But Cook has never played a full NFL season.

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