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Interest in a Dynasty Roto League with real NBA salaries/contracts?

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If I started a dynasty roto league with real NBA salaries and contracts (run through Fantrax). Would anyone be interested?

Open to figuring out these rules:

- auction or snake draft (slow or at one time)

- league size (10-14 teams)

- amount of keepers (either keep all or a small minimum of drops)

- follow real nba contract lengths or create our own contract system (but following yearly salaries)

- will be a money league (open to start between $50 - $100 via Leaguesafe)

I ran one of these for 6 years and was looking to join one already being run, but can't find anything similar. Drop your email below and if there's enough interest I'll start up the league and send invites.

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I would love this.  I would like to create our own contract system but following yearly salaries, and I would much prefer an auction draft.  I love this though and would get way into it.  My only issue is that I am a broke college kid who really doesn't have the money to lose.  But definitely sign me up if you get the interest.  email is

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i have interest in one.. but looking at a H2H 9-cat league of 20 teams with actual nba contracts.. 

tbh i started the process on fantrax and left it halfway lol cos it was too many things to set up

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