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Gentlemen, I am fortunate enough to have filled 3 leagues for this season. Thanks in large part to this site. I run 2 live auction leagues out of NYC and one league online.


I have 2 leagues with a $1000 entry fee, one live auction league out of NYC and one online


Top 4 spots win, 100% payout minus stats service fee







My 2nd live auction out of NYC has an entry fee of $300


All 3 leagues have 17 teams


Roto, Auction redraft (no keepers, no H2H)


Standard 9 categories except we use Assist To Turnover Ratio instead of Turnovers


We use CBS


1 Center, 3 Forwards, 3 Guards, 3 Flex and 3 Reserves


If you'd like to follow along this season because you might be interested in joining one of my leagues next year then send me an email or text me.


My email address is edbuzz261@gmail.com and my cell is 718 687 3251


I know $1000 is steep, especially if it's an online league. That's why I'm offering you an opportunity to check out my league during this season. 


I will be back on this site all year long in an effort to put together a waiting list for next season. 


Good luck with your fantasy leagues this season


Have fun and make some money.


: )







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I forgot to include prize money

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It's $150 bucks!!!!!!!!


Out of a $17,000 prize pool. 


Paying cbs to host our site $150 is a deal breaker for you?


Is that what you're saying?

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Please don't annoy me or waste my time.

You obviously didn't read my post in it's entirety or you wouldn't ask this question.


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