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Mid-Season Roster Audit

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Team in signature below, and note the specialized league settings (2 QB/2 Flex).  I'm sitting at 4-3 and in 3rd place in my 10-team league, though I lead the entire league in Total Points For by almost 50 points.  I'm reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of my roster and wonder what I should be looking to upgrade at this juncture.  I'm not particularly satisfied with me three QBs in a 2QB league, but not sure I want to sacrifice from other positions to try to upgrade.  Any other suggestions for what I should be seeking to do?

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I don't see much of a problem with your team at all. You probably caught a few bad breaks H2H weekly, but your overall roster is strong. Adams will be back soon, too. 

I don't see much good in keeping Duke Johnson, so maybe you can open up that spot for a QB in free agency. Maybe you can take a stab at Nick Foles as a speculative add? Is Cam still there? Ryan Tannehill? All three guys would have more upside to me than D. Johnson. If not, you should definitely consider rostering someone like Tony Pollard (or Jaylen Samuels for the oft-injured James Conner if available).

I don't have much hope for Mayfield with his turnovers and rough schedule, but as your QB3, he should be fine. If you don't have to start him any time soon and nothing is better on FA, it's worth seeing if he can work things out. I think Winston has enough upside and a decent enough schedule to ride that rollercoaster ROS. Also, hasn't Murray shown out as a top-7 or so QB overall this year, even with his relatively pedestrian Week 7? Murray has a pretty up and down schedule coming up, so maybe it's time to sell highish on him, but that's your call on that. I don't know if I'd like to start him going against SF twice, NO, LAR and PITT (surprisingly good defense). The problem you're having here is guys like Winston and Murray are at the tail end of that top group of QBs this season, and nobody would likely be willing to give you the guys at the top like Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, D. Watson, and I guess Rodgers is back up there now, too. So, unless you like a guy like Matt Stafford, Wentz, Brissett, or Brady, you'll likely not do too much better than what you've got. I will say that Stafford is an interesting name moving forward with K. Johnson out and the number of passing attempts he's getting each week. It just is all on how others might value Murray. Keep in mind, Murray is good for a 4-pt passing TD in rushing yards alone in most weeks, too. ROS matchups are likely going to be your best friend here, so I'd study them hard and try to take advantage of someone who highly values Murray or needs a handcuff like Edmonds (DJo owner) that will help you to upgrade on Murray. A perfect name to consider is Josh Allen. The Allen owner, depending on who it is, will likely even give you a sweetener in the deal. I love his schedule for the next 4 weeks and, when he's not playing NE, I think I read somewhere that he averages 18.7 PPG. That's about what you're getting out of Murray now.

Winston might be worth the headaches, and his value might be diminished for the same reason. Believe me, I know, and I don't really know if there's a safer pick in that area. My league scoring is -2 for INT and fumbles, and Winston has bottomed out at 12.1 points since week 2. Not terrible, and a lot of the QB10-QB15 range has the same type of games. That offense has been humming more often than not, and even when it isn't, he's finding ways to rack up points. 

Your WR depth is great when everyone is healthy and clicking, although I don't necessarily like the boom/bust player Evans seems to be right now. Diggs struggled to start the season, but that offense seems on track. It's clear to me you lost three games this year because you didn't have Adams and Diggs struggled. McLaurin seems to be doing well enough and is a perfect WR4.

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