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Trade Offer Just came In. Thoughts?? WHIR!

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Move Aaron Jones & Kittle for Mack or J Jacob's & Waller? Offers on the table .5 PPR.

We start.2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex

My roster:

Murray, Brissett, Darnold
C Carson, A Jones, L Fournette, J White, D Singletary, R Penny, R Armstead 
Hopkins, Hill, Lockett, T McLaurin, M Gallup, R Anderson

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I disagree, I would absolutely do this trade.  Waller, this year so far, is every bit the TE that Kittle is.  Jones is good, when good.  But he is also in a timeshare it seems because GB's coach is a moron.  So you are trading 1 top TE for another (statistically better thus far) TE, and your choice of RB that is NOT on a committee?  What am I missing here?  Mack does not time share, Jacobs does not time share, Jacobs has had his bye.  Only reason I lean Mack is to avoid two Raiders, but personally I have both Waller and Jacobs and start them each week.  

Help with mine?


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I don't have any stock in any of the players and there is no way I make this trade.  Neither Jacobs or Mack have any sort of involvement in their offense's passing game. Jones might be in a slightly worse time share but he's in a better offense and is substantially more involved as a receiver.

Waller has been more productive then Kittle this year but I'm not making that trade based on 20ish points.  Kittle's schedule gets a lot nicer in the second half of the season with Arizona X2 and Atlanta.


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