My henry for his Hollywood brown or DK? Will answer yours!

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Need more details.  PPR/Standard?  Do you have a reasonable alternative at TE that you can trade Henry?

On paper I don't like Henry for Brown or DK.  Both have great upside but are very hit or miss and TE is a shallow position.  I do like the idea of getting Fournette over Ingram if this is a PPR.  Fournette has crazy volume on the ground and in the air and yet still has room for positive TD regression.  But on standard the move may be predicated on you having a good TE replacement.  


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Thanks for responding.  I have Waller also, so I’m running henry in the flex.  Non-ppr but extra points for yards (point every 6 instead of 10).


2wr, 2rb, 2 flex.  Right now I have henry in the flex.


my rbs are zeke and Ingram 

wrs are tyreek hill, McLaurin, Corey Davis, Gordon (had Tyrell Williams and dropped him).

rb depth is Cohen, Ronald Jones, Hunt 


superflex league with shallow benches.  

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I don’t think that any of those options are an upgrade to you. Having a TE like Henry is very valuable. If he stays healthy he is top 4 rest of season. I feel like Fournette is going to get injured very soon, as he has been the last 4 years about this time of year ( including college) i feel like dk is boom or bust and the same with brown. I’d stay put. The only roster moves I’d recommend is dropping dead weight like Gordon and hunt for some lotto tickets that would turn into rb1s with an injury; mattison, pollard, even Gus or jd mkinsic I’d rather have on my roster

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