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Early Keeper List help- WHIR

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Finished in last this year in an 11 team 5 keeper 6 x 6 roto league.  You can keep any 5 players- no restrictions or limits on the players.  I have a decent nucleus and picked up some dropped injured/struggling players in September.  I also have picks # 1, 11 and 22 as well as (due to timely trades) three third round picks and 2 picks in each of rounds 4, 5, and 6.  Below is my team- Please give me something to ponder over the winter;

C- Ramos, Sal Perez

1B- Olson

2B- Altuve

3B- Machado (also SS eligible), Andujar

SS- Bichette, Cory Seager

OF- JD Martinez, Puig, Bennentendi, Mancini (also 1B eligible), Cain, Upton

Bench- Matt Carpenter (1B, 2B, 3B), Lux (2B, SS)

SP- Sale, Morton, Paxton, Wheeler, Cueto, Carrasco, Sonny Gray

I think Altuve and JD are no brainers and am leaning towards Bichette, Mancini and Sale to round out my five.  But I worry about career years for Olson, Bennentendi, Paxton and Wheeler.  As well as returns to form for Perez, Carpenter, Andujar, Seager and Cueto.  And Lux should be a Rookie of the Year candidate too, no ?

Thanks and WHIR.

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1.  Machado - Way too early to give up on him

2.  JDM - One of the best sluggers in all of baseball.  Will help in all categories except steals

3.  Altuve - 2B isn't that great, and will help in all categories

4.  Sale - Still an Ace, with 3-4 great years ahead of him despite injury risk.  Need to have at least 1 ace in 6x6

5.  Bichette/Lux - PIck which one you like the most.  Gives you a younger player to help build for the future.  Both have Great Upside.  I lean Bichette, as he is all but guaranteed AB's right away.  Never know with Dodgers.

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If Sale is healthy to start the season, he's an obvious 3rd. Machado and Bichette seem fine to keep too. Would also consider Carrasco and Morton. Mancini shouldn't be a consideration at all, I'd keep Bentendi over him.

If you're going to write 6x6 you have to say the other categories.


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What’s the 6th category? It could drastically change decision-maki depending on what it is


without knowing, I’ll say








these guys have the highest upside so even though Machado and Sale disappointed, you have to bank on them bouncing back.


For the last one, I’ll go Olson. He was a stud in short time and he’s on the verge of a breakout season. 45-50 HRs, .260-.270.


With the foundation of hitting you have, I would recommend strongly considering drafting SP with #1 overall depending on who is available.


Help with mine? 


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