Week 3 Breakdown/ Streaming Options

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Hey man,

Long time lurker (hey,hey), First time commenter.


Just wanna say you got some nice information here. Really stoked for next week streamer options. Lets go out and get so Ws!

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alright y'all, fresh set of pickups available in 4 hours. makes sure to be ready to pick up your streamers and not get sniped. 


More stream options for teams playing 4 games: 

Parker, PASCHALL, Justin Holiday, Goga Bitadze, Clarke (if he's somehow available), Kyle Anderson, Okogie, Diallo, Hezonja, Skal, BazeGod

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Schedule reminder and some extra streams for Thurs/Fri

b2b teams - MIA, POR


Hood- has himself a dud last game but he’s been money for points/3s and hasn’t been hurting %s


Hezonja- taking advantage of opportunity w the Collins injury. + rebounder for position


Baze- pretty much every guard/wing in Portland has more opportunity to produce atm. Random stocks.


Simons- kid is a stud and he’s heating up. Keep an eye on him in deeper leagues. 


Olynyk- some deeper league appeal for cheap big man stats


Leonard- ^ exactly the same


Make sure Nunn, Dragic and Herro weren’t dropped.


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