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Butler/DDR or Siakam/Bam? WHIR!

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I'm trying to improve my FG% and a bit more 3's without losing out so much on stocks. I know it doesn't significantly improve my 3s, but DDR does not shoot 3 at all, so 2 tries better than 1? LOL


My team:

PG: Simmons, Jrue, Nunn

SG: Beal, Butler, Levert

SF: Barrett, Derozan

PF: Isaac, Warren

C Ayton, Whiteside, Zeller

IL: Bagley, Oladipo

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Butler (#43) + DDR (#151) 

Siakam (#17) + Bam (#72) 

I like Siakam and Bam more. Derozan and Butler get to the line a lot but tbh their FT% aint that good. I had butler last year and sometimes he'll go like 9/10 at the line but i feel like he exerts so much energy on defense that he get's tired and shoots at a lower %.

Siakam might even give you more 3's than Butler and TBH i don't perceive butler as a 3 point shooter. With the change to a new team, he draws attention by slashing makes the defense collapse and will dish out to Nunn and Herro for the 3.

My team this year is #1 3 point shooting team in my 9cat 12 man league and I find 3's easier to find on the waivers versus quality big men. But then again I don't know how you stack versus others in your league and you already have some quality bigs in Ayton, Whiteside, Zeller (great value for ADP), Issac with Bagley coming back.

If you decide you don't need more bigs. I would keep butler wait maybe try to flip Demar targeting like a Khris Middleton or Cj McCollum (assuming you drafted around the 4th round). Hope this helps. Thanks for your input on my thread.

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Is still this deal on the table?  Not sure another owner would take that.  Rather have Siakam/Bam, you would win by a lot IMO.  Esp since Bam has turned into a Swiss Army knife of stats this year.  Plus you could use another dependable big with Ayton out, and Whiteside and Zeller always being injury risks.  Get this deal done if you can.    Thanks for helping with mine.

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