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Trade for Deshaun Watson?

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I'm in a PPR, super flex league with passing TD's worth 6 points. I am in first at the moment with this roster:


QB: Rivers

RB: McCaffrey, Elliott

WR: Edelman, A. Cooper

TE: Kelce

Q/W/R/T: Josh Allen


QB: Kyle Allen - RB: J. White - WR: Chark, A.J. Green, Marquise Brown, (empty roster spot)


His roster:

QB: Watson

RB: Kamara, D. Montgomery

WR: Jeffery, Landry

TE: Olsen

Q/W/R/T: Carr


QB: Mayfield - RB: Michel - WR: Boyd, Sanu, N. Harry - TE: Everett


Would it be worth it to give up one of my starting QB's plus one of my starting WR's for Watson, or should I stick with this roster for the season? The only other options at QB not rostered are Fitzpatrick, Finley and Brandon Allen.

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It would be a combination of one of Philip Rivers or Josh Allen, plus one of Julian Edelman or Amari Cooper.

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I'd shoot for it. Rivers + Edelman for Watson. You have the depth at WR for it. You can slot Chark and potentially Green in.


Help mine please?


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