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2:2 Trade WHIR

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12 Team Standard with my roster - starters in bold:

QB: Wentz

RB: CMC, Mack, Mixon, Mattison

WR: Godwin, Ridley, Sanu, Anderson

TE: Hockenson

Flex: Montgomery


An owner wants to buy in on Montgomery and he has both Waller and Henry so I'm looking to upgrade my TE position through this trade. The owner said that this trade interests him:

Give: Montgomery + Mack

Receive: Jacobs + Waller/Henry


We initially discussed doing Monty for Waller 1:1, but after Monty's recent performance and upward trajectory, we both realized he was worth a bit more. Plus, as inconsistent as Hock's been, he's still a decent TE when you compare him to the TE's outside the top 8. However, I would be forced to flex Mixon or Sanu/Anderson and that's a pretty significant downgrade from where Monty is at right now, so an upgrade at RB + TE, with a loss at flex. I don’t wanna put all my eggs in 1 basket, so I would try to get Henry and not all OAK players, but Waller already had a bye. I view them somewhat equal RoS. Not sure if the owner would rather ship Henry or Waller so would you take this trade with either of them? 


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I would make the trade for either 1 of the TE's. Jacobs >Montgomery & you upgrade at TE. Having TJ as a back up allows you to take Henry & have his bye covered or Waller, if anything happens. 


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I lean Waller slightly over Henry, but you can’t go wrong with either. Mixon at flex isn’t the worst thing in the world. I would do this trade.


Thanks for mine 👍


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